Stats Resources

Are you looking for statistical terminology for your courses or for free statistical packages or searching for general sites for learning more about probability and statistics? Here is a collection of web resources:

  • R

R is a programming language. And at the same time, it is a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Many statisticians and data miners use R for their developing statistical software and data analysis. The R is simple and powerful tool. And the last but not least, it is FREE!

  • This is Statistics

There is no argument about the fact that the statistics field is the hottest issue along with big data. And there is you who already chose your major as statistics. Now, you might wonder what you can do with your degree. Well, go on “thisisstatistics” website which is powered by ASA(American Statistical Association). The website will provide you many interesting videos of the people who are actually working in the statistics field and articles about the big issues in the field!

  • Statstutor

The statstutor team are a group of people who work in university mathematics support centres, who teach statistics, and who design new media products for learning. This website from UK provides many resources that you may need for your studying. And also statstutor offers statistics support materials, free of charge.

  • Statistics Learning Centre (Useful Videos)

Statistics Learning Centre from New Zealand provides support for learning statistics in various settings and media. It has many videos to help you to
understand basic statistical terms, concepts and how to test raw data properly. Most videos of Dr Nic uses casual language which will you feel much more comfortable to
follow the steps.