Stats Group Tutoring

Students who have questions from the Statistics courses are encouraged to drop by any time when teaching assistants are available.

Stats schedule for Fall 2018 

Sept. 17 -Dec. 14

Stats TA Date  Time
Olivia Tuesday  9am-12pm and 1-2pm
Bo (Jacob) Wednesday  12-2pm
Dr. Kang Thursday  10am-12pm
Lawrence (Psy. stat)
(starts from Oct. 4)
Thursday  1-4pm
Bo (Jacob) Friday  9-10am
Mehdi  Friday  3-5pm

Come and talk to our undergraduate learning facilitators for your Statistics questions

Learning Facilitator Day Time
Emma Monday 11am-1pm
Emma Tuesday 12-2pm
Hoang Wednesday 11am-12pm
Hoang Thursday 11am-1pm
Hoang Friday 2-3pm