Stats Group Tutoring

Students who have questions from the Statistics courses are encouraged to drop by to AC312 any time when teaching assistants are available.

Stats schedule for Summer 2019

May 20th - August 16th (Note: time changes during exam period) 

Stats TA Date  Time
Bo (Jacob) Wednesday 11am - 12pm & 1pm - 3pm
Dr. Kang* Tuesday 10am - 12pm
Dr. Asal Aslemand** Tuesday 10am - 12pm

*Dr. Kang will be holding group tutoring from the week of May 20th to June 18th only.

**Dr. Aslemand will hold office hours starting July 2nd until the week of August 16th
Come and talk to our undergraduate learning facilitators for your Statistics questions
Summer 2019 Faciltator Schedule: May 13th - August 9th

Learning Facilitator Day Time
Kunhai Tuesday 10:30am - 3:30pm