About Us

MSLC Intro Video

Our MSLC teaching members view teaching as a continuation of learning. We view you, the students, not as passive recipients of knowledge, but as active partners in learning. We discuss with you what we know concerning a subject, and you are encouraged to first understand, then question our views and share with us how your knowledge of the subject is being formed. We take  serious note of the fact that you have different personalities, backgrounds, and experiences, and thus we adjust our communication styles for this. Through this partnership, we share with you our curiosity, enthusiasm, and joy of discovery. 

Message from the MSLC coordinator

"In the Math & Stats Learning Centre we design various seminars and workshops to assist you to perform better in your math and stats courses. All of our services are free and are provided in a friendly and fun teaching environment. We encourage you to use these services and provide us with your feedback to enable us to improve them further."
Zohreh Shahbazi, Ph.D.
- Math & Statistics Learning Centre Coordinator