Work Term Excellence Award: Mahnoor Shah

Mahnoor Shah

“My work term opened my mind to technological innovation that contributes to the welfare of society.”

– Mahnoor Shah, Co-op Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Candidate 2023, University of Toronto Scarborough

Congratulations to Mahnoor, recipient of a Management Co-op Work Term Excellence Award for her contributions at Talented Business Solutions (TBS) in Winter 2021!

How did you get hired?

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I give big credit to my Management Co-op advisors—especially Arjuna—who supported me throughout the seeking cycle. It was nearing the end of the term, finals were starting, and I was almost on the verge of giving up; however, Arjuna’s encouraging emails kept me going. In fact, she was the one who sent me the job description for this role and motivated me to apply, which I did! The rest is history.

Who was your manager at TBS? What’s the most important thing you learned from them? 

During the first four months of my co-op work term, Ally was the one who mentored me and taught me so much about client relations. I learned how to communicate with different stakeholders, to think critically when coming up with business solutions, and to leverage my knowledge to produce the best outcomes with efficiency. One of the most important things Ally taught me was that I should always stay true to myself and my values. Then during the last four months of my work term, my mentor was Brinthan, who helped me further enhance my knowledge and build my skillset. TBS goes above and beyond to support students by providing us with constructive feedback while simultaneously appreciating our efforts. The morale is excellent.

Tell us about your best day on the job. 

Brainstorming ideas with my whole team to build the company website including but not limited to colour scheme, page content, and site structure!


What was the most innovative project you worked on? 

I created and collaborated on many innovative business ideas for our clients. With Barkcoin, I learned so much about how blockchain can be used to increase security and efficiency, and reduce blockage in systems. My work term opened my mind to technological innovation that contributes to the welfare of society. 

Why is studying business at U of T Scarborough the right fit for you? 

The Management Co-op Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program empowers me to learn and develop a holistic skillset that is transferrable to many aspects of life including career advancement, extracurricular engagement, and daily interactions with my peers. The bundle of academic knowledge and work experience has helped me define my professional aspirations and give me a better understanding of my goals. After graduation, I plan to acquire the CPA designation.

Any advice for future Management Co-op students? 

Utilize and optimize the resources provided by the Management Co-op office. Reach out to your co-op advisors for feedback—schedule meetings with them to improve your resume, cover letter, and interview skills. The co-op team is here to help you succeed.