What Students Are Saying About MIB

The Management & International Business program is a tightly-knit community of globally minded students. Here are some of their reflections on the advantages of working and studying abroad.

Marah Ayad

“Thanks to the MIB program, I have no concerns entering the global work force. The internationally focused courses in business and law, coupled with work and study abroad experiences, have given me a platform to compete on a global scale. My expanded knowledge of other cultures and my experience in international business will differentiate me in any pool of graduates.”

 Marah, a fourth-year MIB student who worked at Microsoft Canada and Aga Khan University (Kenya).

Matt Seto


“Since finishing my studies in early 2016, I’ve quickly found meaningful full-time opportunities in both the corporate world and most recently in private practice as a consultant. I attribute my early success to the high caliber of education and experiential learning opportunities I received through the MIB co-op program at UTSC. Personally, the return on investment of the MIB program has been substantial for me. Both my professional and personal network grew exponentially during my time abroad. Studying and working in the heart of the European Union also provided me with invaluable life experiences that have prepared me well for the early stages of my career. I am confident that any new graduate of the MIB program will be presented with similar opportunities.”

 Matt, a 2016 graduate who worked at Stikeman Elliott LLP (Canada) and Commerzbank (Germany)

Veronica Ngan

“MIB is a community of talented, unique people who are committed to exploring interesting career options. I really began to discover myself while on exchange and on my work terms.” 

 Veronica, a third-year MIB student who worked at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (Canada).

Constantina Varlokostas

“The study and work abroad component of MIB has given me skills and competencies that I could not find in any other undergraduate business program. The MIB program teaches us about world cultures and societies, and challenges us to approach issues from different perspectives. The knowledge and experiences I gained will definitely expand my career.”

 Constantina, a third-year MIB student who worked at Mercedes Benz Financial Services (Canada and France)

Mithuran Manogaran

"I can’t think of another program offered by any university, anywhere in the world, that provides students the same unlimited possibilities as the MIB program does."

 Mithuran, a fourth-year MIB student who worked at Microsoft Canada. 

Matiya Szauer

"MIB is a unique program that teaches me how to navigate cultural differences in business, and then gives me the opportunity to apply what I learned during an international work term.”

 Matiya, a second-year MIB student who worked at Sales Talent Agency (Canada).

James Thalla-Joel

"MIB gave me a passport to the world. We talk so much about preparing for the workforce but we don't talk enough about preparing for the global workforce, something that is becoming increasingly important these days. Through MIB, I was able to work and study in and travel to countries all over the world. Since graduating, I am continuing to reap the benefits of my MIB experience." 

 James, a 2016 graduate who worked at Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (Ghana)