Sports Data Analytics: In Pursuit of Peak Performance

Stronger. Faster. Insight-driven.

Analyzing mathematical and statistical models to enhance athletic performance has spurred a global sports data industry projected to surpass USD$16 billion in value by 2030.
How are athletes, league managers, and sports executives leveraging data insights—powered by innovative technology, AI, and machine learning—to gain a competitive advantage not only at the individual and team levels, but also to amplify brand impact worldwide?
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Tue, November 15, 2022 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm
[In-Person Event] Instructional Centre, U of T Scarborough (1095 Military Trail)
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Tenniel Chu shakes hands with U of T President Meric Gertler and past principal of U of T Scarborough, Bruce KiddThis event is made possible with the generous donation of Tenniel Chu, U of T Scarborough Management alumnus.

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