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Deciding whether or not to accept an international job offer is not an easy choice. Careful consideration of the following factors can give you a sense of the benefits vs. costs of the international position you are considering, and thus help you decide whether or not to accept the offer.

Factors to Consider for Job Suitability

  • Finances: Research the various costs of living in the particular host country: housing, transportation, food, etc. Does the employer offer compensation for your daily expenses? How much will the salary be? Will you be able to save? How much emergency funds would you need to bring?
  • Application process (including work authorizations): Do you hold citizenship to the host country? If not, then you will require an employment permit and/or Visa to work in the country (yes, even in the United States)? Check the process and length of Visa application and approval at the consulate in Canada of the country you are looking into. 
  • Management Co-op office approval: Is your prospective employer clear with their responsibilities provided by the U of T Scarborough Management Co-op program? Does the position meet all the requirements for a work term?
  • Location of the position: What is the economic condition of the host country? What are the health and living conditions of the country like? How will a job in this economy benefit your professional career? Check with Canadian Consular Affairs to ensure the host country is safe and suitable for Canadians to work in.
  • Culture, climate, and communication: Are you familiar with the culture of the host country? Have you explored how to deal with culture shock? What is the climate like in the country? Do you speak the language(s) in the country? What is the lifestyle like? What are the business norms and etiquettes of the culture?

Making the Decision: Do I Accept?

At this point, you have already gone through the application for an international position and have been invited for a work term abroad. Before accepting the offer of an international employer, you must do the following:

  1. Review the factors above and carefully consider the host country’s benefits vs. risks.
  2. Ensure the employer is informed and comfortable with their responsibilities and the requirements for international employers.
  3. Confirm the following with your employer:
    - Duration and key dates of the work term. 
    - Salary being offered. 
    - Information regarding relocation costs (e.g. Visa fees, flight/travel costs, accommodation, etc.). Who will pay for these and who will arrange these?
  4. Complete the Co-op Work Terms Abroad Information Form and submit it to the Management Co-op office before booking an appointment with your co-op coordinator.
  5. Start to review instructions and resources regarding preparing and departing for work abroad under sections Departing Preparations and During Work Term & Returning to Canada.

Take some time to carefully think about whether or not this international position is the right fit for you. When you are ready to move onto the next step in your international work experience, go to Departing Preparations to learn how you can get ready.