Peer Tutor Program

Peer Tutor Team

The Department of Management has created a Peer Tutor Program to help first-year students with their core courses. An upper-year student will spend one-on-one time with a first year student to facilitate understanding of course materials in a specific course.

The Management Peer Tutor Program began in 2011 and have provided a platform for more than 100 pairs of peer tutors and tutees in first year Accounting, Calculus, Economics and Management courses.

Currently, we are looking for peer tutors and tutees for the following courses:


MATA32   Calculus for Management I
MATA33 Calculus for Management II
MGTA35 Management Communications
MGTA36 Management Communications for Co-op
MGAB01 Introductory Financial Accounting I
MGAB02 Introductory Financial Accounting II
MGEA02 Introduction to Microeconomics: A Mathematical Approach
MGEA06 Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach
MGTA05 Foundations of Business Management