Master of Accounting and Finance: Course list - Term 4

MAF1005H Current Issues in Accounting and Assurance

Explores issues in accounting and assurance by examining leading research. Topics covered include the use of non-GAAP measures, changes to auditor reporting and the impact of technology on auditing. 

MAF2007H Fixed Income

Delineates the important concepts, markets valuation techniques and portfolio applications of fixed income securities. Topics covered include various types and characteristics of fixed income securities, investment strategies and portfolio benchmarks.

MAF3001H Leadership in the 21st Century

Offers tools and strategies for becoming the leaders that will thrive in the new millennium. This course explores leadership behaviours with a critical lens on ethics.

MAF3002H Strategy Business Development & Sales

Explores the rationale for market development and discusses methodologies for entering markets via marketing strategy, direct selling and communications programs. This course examines the development of long-term competitive advantage.

MAF3003H Business Data Analytics

Lays the foundation for predictive analytics and “Big Data” methodologies via state-of-the-art data science techniques and computational tools. This course incorporates a series of hands-on case studies motivated by industrial applications in the field.

MAF3004H Integration Analysis – Board Report

Focuses on strategic leadership, assessment and management. This course further develops students’ problem solving and decision making skills and prepares them for Day 1 of the Common Final Exam (CFE) for the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. 

MAF3006H Integration Analysis – Critical Thinking & Decision Making II

A continuation of MAF3005H, focusing on the integration between accounting and finance.