Master of Accounting and Finance: Course list - Term 2

MAF1003H Advanced Topics in Assurance

Explores assurance concepts and theory designed to enhance the reliability of information including current research in the area of assurance, ethics and governance. This course integrates other areas of business as they relate to assurance engagements.

MAF1004H Advanced Taxation

This course covers ethical issues encountered by income tax practitioners. Students apply the income tax rules to minimize the income tax burden for Canadian taxpayers earning business and property income in Canada and foreign jurisdictions.  

MAF2004H Financial Statement Analysis and Equity Valuation

Students will learn how to analyze a company’s financial statements in depth, assess its financial reporting quality, and estimate its fair equity value.

MAF2005H Derivatives

This course has four components: valuation techniques and models, the valuation and application of more advanced securities, numerical valuation techniques, and the practical aspect of the derivatives markets. 

MAF2006H Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management II

Covers topics including portfolio risk management, portfolio performance evaluation and attribution, behavioural finance, and various types of alternative investments. This course employs case studies extensively with emphasis adhering to ethical standards when dealing with clients.

MAF3005H Integration Analysis – Critical Thinking & Decision Making I

Students will use case studies to address real life business scenarios that require integration across all areas of Management with focus on accounting and finance

*Note* This course spans two academic semesters with the course being completed in Term 2 (Fall)