Master of Accounting and Finance: Course list - Term 1

MAF1001H Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting

Provides students with a deeper understanding of the complex financial reporting issues in today’s ever-changing environment. A specific focus is placed developing the ability to interpret and critically evaluate generally accepted accounting principles.

MAF1002H Strategy, Governance and Management Accounting

Examines the increasing importance of management accounting in an organization and its contributions to the strategic management process and explores current research in the areas of strategy, ethics and governance, sustainability and accountability.  

MAF2001H Economics and Quantitative Methods

Develops a comprehensive understanding of statistical concepts, techniques, and statistical inference in the context of investment decision making process. 

MAF2002H Advanced Corporate Finance

Examines the issues and tools related to making sound investing, financing, and liquidity management decisions, and how these decisions interact with other business decisions.

MAF2003H Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management I

Focuses on the investment decision-making process from the perspective of portfolio managers. Topics covered include the theories and practices in creating, maintaining, and evaluating the performance of investment portfolios.

MAF3005H Integration Analysis – Critical Thinking & Decision Making I

Students will use case studies to address real life business scenarios that require integration across all areas of Management with focus on accounting and finance.  

*Note* This course spans two academic semesters with the course being completed in Term 2 (Fall)