Managing Stress

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Looking for resources and services to support your health and wellbeing? Refer to the helpful links below and visit U of T's official Mental Health website as well as the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Office (EDIO).

If you are currently in distress or experiencing a mental health emergency, urgent help is available to all U of T students. Visit the U of T Safety website.


U of T students now have a more streamlined way to discover mental health resources and supports. Navi, short for navigator, is a chat-based service that acts as a virtual assistant for students wanting to learn more about the mental health supports available to them at the University of Toronto.

Confidential and highly responsive, Navi has been tested by students and staff, and is continually evolving to better identify the needs of each user. The University of Toronto is also proud to be the first post-secondary institution to use the IBM Watson Assistant tool to offer this depth of mental health support to its community.

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Introducing the Flourish Assessment

Aimed at supporting U of T Scarborough students as they enter first year and transition to the realities of university life, the Flourish program teaches you how to use your strengths to overcome your challenges. It will help you learn that stress, sadness, anger, and anxiety can be overcome by learning skills to relax, to dispute your own negative and pessimistic thoughts, and to learn ways to cope adaptively with bitter and traumatic experiences.

The University strongly encourages first-year students and those in all years to complete the assessment once per session to be aware of changes in their perceived strengths and stressors. A free abbreviated assessment questionnaire and profile report is also available for the general public.