Management Peer Tutoring Application

As a Peer Tutor with the Department of Management, we expect that you will follow these simple guidelines:

A Peer Tutor should at all times maintain a professional attitude when meeting and interacting with the Tutee. Both Peer Tutor and Tutee are expected to treat each other with the utmost respect.

A Peer tutor is expected to commit to a specific period of time to tutor (minimum one year which is equivalent to 3 semesters). However, this minimum may change if the peer tutor is in their final year at the university or on a co-op workterm.

Responsible Attitude:
It is the peer tutor’s responsibility to arrange the meeting, to be punctual and to keep the log sheet. Also, the peer tutor should ensure that the scheduled time is appropriate and the meeting place is safe and well lit. They are expected to also notify the tutee if they are running late. In regards to not being able to make it to the meeting, the peer tutor should give the tutee at least one day’s notice and it is the peer tutor’s responsibility to reschedule the meeting. The peer tutor is responsible for returning the log sheet to the Program Advisor at the end of each semester.

Course Knowledge:
Peer tutors should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses regarding the program courses that they are tutoring; and should not under any circumstances attempt to assist students in any area that they do not feel competent. Management expects that a peer tutor will only help with a course in which they have acquired good understanding and sound knowledge of its concepts. Peer tutors should advise tutees to consult with the instructor and the T.A. of the course. Attempting to tutor a course in which you have limited understanding would be a disservice not only to the tutee and the department, but also to yourself.

Interpersonal & Communication Skills:
Management requires students who sign up to be peer tutors to have a good command of English, and to be able to explain the course concepts easily.


Any knowledge of a tutee's grades, academic standing and sensitive information must be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party (including other peer tutors or tutees). Such information should not be used for any purpose except to assist the tutee during a tutoring session. Please initial here _____________


I agree to work with my tutee to coordinate our tutoring sessions until one week before the exam. However, if a peer tutor encounters any problems with the meeting schedule the Program Advisor should be contacted immediately.

Tutoring Location - there are two options:

1. Independently coordinate your location(s) with your tutee and notify the Management Program Advisor Assistant of the location(s) or

2. Request a room which will be scheduled by the Management Program Advisor Assistant.

By completing the form below, I declare that I have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. This is valid for the entire duration of my time spent as a Management Peer Tutor.

Please only use numbers, no spaces or other characters
Please indicate which days and times you are available.
Please list the priority of the course(s) you would like to tutor
1 = highest priority and 6 = lowest priority