Management & International Business Co-op (MIB)

Austin Sooklall - Management & International Business (MIB) Program

Business Is Borderless

We're equipping the next generation of leaders with the skills and experience to view business through a truly international lens.

Founded on the University of Toronto's reputation as one of the world's top 20 universities, we offer our students a powerful combination of management fundamentals, international work experience, and exposure to leadership across cultures and borders.

All in a four-year honours degree.

It's the University of Toronto's only international undergraduate business program. Unlike comparable programs at Wharton and Berkeley, our students must complete an international work term, in addition to a study-abroad term and two domestic work terms.

That's 12 months of work experience before graduation.

And that's why reviewers at Harvard, UBC, and York University have unanimously endorsed the Management & International Business program.

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Work Abroad, Study Abroad

The University of Toronto has formal agreements with 150 partner universities in 50 countries. We've leveraged these relationships to establish a rapidly growing network of academic partners in the Management & International Business program, including:

France Jean Moulin Lyon3 University
Germany Mannheim University
Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong University
Singapore National University of Singapore
Nanyang Technical University
Sweden   Lund University
United Kingdom Leeds University
Manchester University
University College London
Warwick University

Our international partners are leading, internationally recognized academic institutions that are located in or near major business hubs and offer courses in English.

Experience To Lead

Management & International Business students are among the top scholars at the University of Toronto. Each year, we select the top 40 students from over 1,000 applicants who meet high academic standards and demonstrate a commitment to succeed when living abroad.

We look for candidates who are strongly committed to developing their leadership, communication and problem-solving skills. Our thorough selection process considers all aspects of your experience: your grades, your activities outside of school, and your passion for a career in international business (you’ll be formally interviewed by a professor). Proficiency in a second language is an asset, but we also offer an opportunity to earn two full credits in the language of your choice—before you begin your work and study abroad terms. You can take four courses in a single language, or three courses in one language and one course in a second.

Our specialized program offers internationally focused courses in business leadership, financial management, corporate strategy, business ethics, and marketing. The MIB degree is made up of eight study terms and three work terms, including at least one study term and one work term abroad.

YEAR 1 U of T Study Term U of T Study Term U of T Study Term
YEAR 4 U of T Study Term U of T Study Term GRADUATION


International Experience Is In Demand

Graduates of the University of Toronto consistently rank among the most employable university graduates in the world. As a Management & International Business graduate with 12 months of industry experience, you will be in high demand by organizations in the global marketplace.

As a student in the Management & International Business program, you will gain an international perspective and engage in creative problem solving in a number of functional business areas, such as:

ACCOUNTING: Audit and assurance, budgets and cash flow, internal controls, corporate and personal tax.

FINANCE: Bond and stock valuations, leasing and purchasing decisions, risk and wealth management strategies, mergers and acquisitions analysis.

HUMAN RESOURCES: Recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation, health and safety, diversity in the workplace.

MARKETING: Advertising and promotion, business-to-business, and market research analysis.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: Management of policy and strategy, pricing strategies, new venture creation, and sales and distribution management.

ECONOMICS: Policy development, comparing economic systems, regression analysis, organizational strategies, and economic development.


A Global Network Of Trusted Employers

You will have opportunities to work with multinational employers, including: large audit firms; international and investment banks; consulting firms; government and public institutions; and businesses involved in foreign trade, transportation and logistics, and management information systems.

The following is a selection of employers who have hired Management & International Business students in domestic or international work terms:

  • Adobe (Hong Kong)
  • Aga Khan University (Kenya; Dubai)
  • Blackberry
  • Commerzbank (Germany)
  • HSBC (Hong Kong)
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • KPMG (Hong Kong)
  • Mercedes-Benz (France)
  • Microsoft
  • PwC (Hong Kong)
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Sanofi Pasteur Ltd.

Strong Support At Home And Abroad

We’re committed to providing you with outstanding support as you prepare to work and study abroad, and while you are away. Leading up to your international work and study terms, you'll receive one-on-one career coaching and academic counseling, and job search training. You'll also be invited to participate in information sessions with industry professionals, networking events, mock interviews with employers, and mentoring opportunities with alumni and professionals. While you're away, you will have a strong network of academic and personal support to help manage the complexities of living, working and studying abroad.

In your first year, our mandatory International Work Term Preparation Course will prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of job-hunting and working in Canada and abroad. The course focuses on key career skills in domestic and international contexts, including preparing for the job search, career planning and developing workplace skills. Through a series of interactive and applied activities, you will develop your communication and leadership skills, build connections with other co-op students, and develop a network of potential employers in Canada and abroad.

Consult A Program Specialist

Nicole Amiri
Coordinator, Management and International Business
tel: (416) 208-5101

Tracey Klinkhammer
Student Development Coordinator
tel: (416) 287-7006

Are you an employer seeking a student for an international co-op placement? Please visit our Global Hiring page for more information.