Management Alumni Association (MAA)

Management's 25th Anniversary Alumni Reunion

The Management Alumni Association (MAA) continues your University of Toronto experience after your graduation.

Inspired by the University of Toronto’s motto Velut Arbor Aevo, “may it grow as a tree through the ages,” we believe that by strengthening the bonds between alumni and our alma mater, the MAA will positively contribute to our alumni’s professional and personal growth. With our collective experience and knowledge, the association will also seek to foster the continuous development of the UTSC Management program as the premier undergraduate business management program in Canada.

Whether it is networking socials, information sections, professional development or community involvement opportunities, it’s all about making meaningful connections.


Introducing: The MAA Ambassador Program

What is the Ambassador Program?

  • The Ambassador Program is a new program that leverages engaged and motivated alumni to provide development opportunities to fellow alumni in the UTSC Management alumni community.
  • Ambassadors will receive support and a budget without having to commit to being an MAA Executive.
  • Ambassadors will get “experience to lead” by carrying out development opportunities that appeal to various alumni i.e. alumni of different ages and academic backgrounds.
  • The inaugural Ambassador Program will launch in February 2019 with the selection of one successful Ambassador who will host the development opportunity by April 2019.

What are the accountabilities of the successful Ambassador?

The successful Ambassador will be responsible for planning the full development opportunity, including:

  • Planning the full event:
    • Reaching out to venues and speakers and obtaining quotes;
    • Booking and coordinating logistics with the venue, contractors, etc.;
    • Recruiting volunteers (the UTSC Management department and MAA exec team will also be volunteers);
    • Managing any invoicing and billing with the MAA Executive;
  • Hosting regular meetings/calls/updates with the MAA Executive;
  • Promoting the development opportunity among your personal network;
  • Attending the development opportunity and participating in event set-up and clean-up; and,
  • Completing a post-event debrief call/meeting with the MAA Executive and a summary memo (to include final costs compared to the original budget).

What support will be provided from the MAA and UTSC Management?

  • Development opportunity budget (see below).
  • Marketing material/graphics.
  • Social media promotion.
  • Event photographer, as applicable.

What budget will be provided to the successful Ambassador?

  • The development opportunity will receive a base budget of $2,000.
  • If the proposal is anticipated to cost more than the base budget, discuss ideas to obtain more funds (i.e. charge a nominal fee for an event, get a company to sponsor).

How does one apply to be an Ambassador?

  • Applicants need to submit a business case proposal to the MAA Executive.
  • A maximum three-page proposal should include:
    • A specific month or date when the event would take place.
    • Timelines in terms of planning and when required regular meetings/calls/updates with the MAA Executive would be held.
    • A preliminary budget on how the funds (up to $2,000 per event) will be spent; and,
    • A value proposition/return on investment description (i.e. how the Ambassador will measure success, what the impact on the alumni community will be, etc.).

How will the MAA Executive select the Ambassador?

  • Topic; a topic of interest to a broad range of alumni.
  • Impact; the strategic impact on the alumni community.
  • Reach; the number of alumni that can be reached.
  • Value; the use of funds.
  • Leverage; the ability to leverage personal, university, industry, or faculty networks.

What if I have more questions?

Get in touch with the MAA Executive at