MAccFin: Canada’s Only Master of Accounting and Finance

Why Limit Yourself with Anything Less?

Offered to a select cohort of fewer than 50 students at the University of Toronto Scarborough—the easternmost campus at Canada’s #1 university—MAccFin delivers a personalized educational experience over 12 months of academic study plus one co-op employment term. MAccFin offers you pathways toward obtaining three professional designations recognized in Canada and globally to unlock a world of opportunity at the intersections of Accounting and Finance. Create your application profile for a May 2024 start!
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“CFOs need to evolve in lock-step with changing financial markets. The intersection of Accounting and Finance provides a pathway to a unique seat at the table. The ability to produce reliable financial information and transform it into value-added insights is a powerful combination.” - Alfred Chuang (CPA, CBV), Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer

MAccFin: Unlimited Advantages, Personalized for You.

  • Advanced study in Accounting and Finance. Gain a head-start advantage by specializing in two connected yet distinct disciplines. As a dually designated professional, your career will lead quickly to intersections where accounting and finance meet. You’ll soon see more opportunities, discover new intersections regularly, and level up often at all stages of your career. The success of our alumni and employer networks prove it.
  • Integrated professional development program, customized for you, co-created with you. The MAccFin integrated professional development program will introduce you to employment opportunities that exist at the intersections of accounting and finance. Then you’ll consider the co-op opportunities that are best for you and start to build the professional relationships that will accelerate your career. The program includes exclusive seminars, panel discussions, employer networking sessions and one-on-one coaching so that you can and zero in on your own areas of professional interest.
  • More than CPA accreditation and CPA/CFA exam training. MAccFin offers more than a pathway to a designation and exam writing preparation with the fewest number of courses. You expect that, but that’s not why you should consider MAccFin. We attract aspiring professionals who know the value of cross-disciplinary education. And then, through our structured assessment, mentorship and advising, we help you dig deep to understand your strengths, leverage your interests, and customize your professional credentialing pathway so you can personalize the return on your investment in the real world.
  • Co-op at the centre of the action that will complement your previous experiences. UTSC launched co-op at the University of Toronto nearly 50 years ago and was one of the first in Canada to develop experiential learning for management professionals. Employer relationships are well established here—we work with more than 300 organizations annually. We’re also located minutes from downtown and within Canada’s largest accounting and finance employment centre. Whether you want to return to a previous co-op/internship employer in a more senior role or test out a new intersection of accounting and finance, the opportunities are limitless. We’ve got a reputation for co-op that you can bank on.
  • Globally recognized credentials and a worldwide professional network. As an accounting and finance pro, the work you and your stakeholders do transcends borders. Your credentials are your passport and they should make you recognizable as a professional in Canada and abroad. By combining membership in the CPA, ACCA and CFA, you not only establish yourself as a global force, you’ll also tap into vast networks of colleagues and U of T alumni to help you get to your next career opportunity.
  • Supportive and inclusive learning environment. MAccFin is at the forefront of co-creating an academic experience with students that leverages the value of diversity inside and outside the classroom. Motivated by our campus mission to inspire inclusive excellence, MAccFin welcomes students from across the country into small cohorts that become engaged within a community of support including dedicated faculty, staff, and our professional and alumni networks.