Kathy Le Hoang

Kathy Le Hoang | BBA 2017


Program: Management & Accounting

Previous Work Terms: Junior Accountant at Milos Hlavacek CPA, CA, Financial Officer at Ministry of Health and Long-term care (OPS)

Why did you choose UTSC Management? I chose UTSC Management because of its Co-op program. This program offers students many great benefits including the ability to gain work experiences upon graduation so that we can have a competitive advantage when seeking for full-time jobs. I'd strongly recommend this program to incoming students as I can see myself improve tremendously by exploring outside the typical classroom environment.

What has been the highlight of your experience so far? The highlight of my experience so far has been my ability to meet with amazing people both at school and in the workplace. I've been able to create and maintain wonderful relationships with those that I can share my insight with, and learn valuable things from.

What are your goals after this program and how is this program helping you to achieve them? My goals after this program is to pursue my CPA designation and to work at my dream company. The Management program has provided the necessary tools to equip me with strong practical knowledge and also the necessary soft skills that have certainly become very useful in my career.

What are your achievements to date? My achievements to date include: a year of work experience in both private and public sectors, First Place Winner of 2013 UTSC Cash Competition, and Recipient of 2016 Work Term Recognition Award.

What is the biggest hidden gem about the UTSC campus location? The Valley is my favorite place at UTSC. I usually study there in the Fall and Summer (when the weather is nice). It's a great place to enjoy the nature while studying!

What are some of your favourite Management courses you have taken? My favorite courses are MGAC10 (Auditing) and MGEC61 (Money and Banking). The course materials are very interesting to me, but most importantly, I love the professors that taught those courses, they are very passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects.

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