Interviewing on Campus

One of the benefits of being located in Canada's business capital, Toronto, is that employers may choose to conduct interviews on campus or have our students come to their location for interviews.  Which approach you choose depends on your firm's recruitment practices and preferences - we can arrange either type of interview schedule for you.

Benefits of On-Campus Interviewing

  • Availability of Co-op Staff for questions and guidance
  • All interview coordination is handled by Co-op Staff
  • Can be coordinated with information sessions or other on-campus recruiting events
  • Increases your name recognition and campus presence within the student community

Benefits of Interviewing at your Location

  • Students gain a more comprehensive understanding of your work environment, culture and location
  • You maintain control of the process
  • Flexibility in dealing with last-minute changes in-house

Interview arrangements are coordinated as part of the normal co-op recruitment process. Interviewing in person is preferred but we are happy to arrange remote interviews (telephone, Skype, Facetime) when needed. Please see our hiring page for more details.