Daryl Chung

Daryl Chung | BBA 2017

Beau Bassin, Mauritius

Program: Management & Marketing

Previous Work Terms: Sales Operations Analyst at Microsoft

Why would you recommend this program to a potential incoming student? The UTSC Management Program is excellent for students looking to experience multiple streams of business within their first few years of university. The numerous active Management Clubs on campus and the Co-op Office act as the main pillars of support for students to enhance their social and professional skills.

What has been the highlight of your experience so far? The highlight of my experience at UTSC would have to be my time spent on the executive team of LIVE Competition. The friendships that were forged through our shared struggles will forever be a memory I hold dear to my heart.

What are your goals after this program and how is this program helping you to achieve them? I plan to pursue a career in either Marketing or anything related to Strategy in the Video Game Industry. Thanks to this program, I have created several networks that will help me accelerate my career.

What are your achievements to date? After my first year, I graduated from the Pre-Program into the Co-op Management Program. For my first work-term, I secured an 8-month Co-op at Microsoft as a Sales Operations Analyst. After the 8 months, I accepted a return offer for another 4 months supporting a different team. In my last year at UTSC, I took on the role of Chair of LIVE Competition and managed 18 executives to run one of the largest Business Competitions in Canada.

What is the biggest hidden gem about the UTSC campus location? It’s size! It’s great to walk across campus and be greeted by so many familiar faces. You never feel like you’re just another drop in the ocean.

What are some of your favourite Management courses you have taken? My favourite course would have to be "Special Topics in Marketing" and "Marketing Management."

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