Compensation Guidelines

Each year, we review and publish the average compensation offered to Management Co-op students in domestic work terms over the previous 12 months. These averages are based on a standard work week of 37.5 hours. 

Although wages can vary across sectors, these metrics provide a useful estimate of current compensation standards for co-op internships. The vast majority of compensation falls between $14.00 and $23.00 per hour. 

Students in their second or third work term typically have greater experience, technical expertise, and communication skills, and are compensated accordingly.

If you have specific questions about compensation or how we produced these averages, please contact us.

Average Compensation to Management Co-op Students in 2019

  Work Term 1 (Year 2) Work Term 2 (Year 3) Work Term 3 (Year 4)
Hourly wage
Weekly wage
Monthly wage