Bridging the Gap: Exploring Potential Links Between Academia and the Cannabis Industry

Medical cannabis plant

University of Toronto Scarborough Management, in collaboration with Hellenic Pharma, is bringing together leading experts in academia and business to explore some of the most pressing issues facing the cannabis industry. Despite people using cannabis for centuries, there is limited scientific research exploring its benefits. This is not surprising, considering its status as an illegal substance in some jurisdictions. With recent legalization and industry growth, there is a clear need to advance the study of cannabis and how it can be used to help society. The aim of this conference is to bridge academia and business in order to create new synergistic linkages to accelerate knowledge development and mobilization in this domain.


Audience: This event is open to academics, industry, students and the public. 

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Date & Time: 
October 13, 2020 - 8AM to 5PM