Bethany Larmour

Bethany Larmour | BBA 2019

Whitby, Ontario

Program: Management & Finance

Previous Work Term: Deloitte Private Audit

Why did you choose UTSC Management? I decided on this program for several reasons, but primarily because it offers a co-op component. I have heard numerous stories of people originally going into a program that they could see themselves obtaining a career in, and then entering the work force only to feel uncertain. This program allows you to try different aspects of business before you’re even out the door, which is hugely valuable!

What has been the highlight of your experience so far? The highlight of my experience with UTSC Management would be meeting so many incredible people. I have awesome friends who have become like family to me. Also, the ability to meet professionals within the business field and learning from their experiences must be a highlight for sure!

What are your goals after this program and how is this program helping you to achieve them? My goal after this program is to pursue something that combines both finance and accounting. I have learned how compatible the two subject matters are, and my previous work term at Deloitte has inspired me to continue to work in these areas of business. I am looking to apply my existing accounting knowledge into a finance environment for my next work term.

What are your achievements to date? Both of my biggest achievements to date are involved with the professional services firm, Deloitte. I was selected to attend their summer conference called the DNLC last summer, and in that event, I was chosen to complete my first work term with the firm. Attending the conference, and completing my work term with Deloitte are two experiences in which I am extremely grateful for and will never forget!

What is the biggest hidden gem about the UTSC campus location? There are two hidden gems in the UTSC campus location. The first is the valley on the south side of the campus. People often think that going to school in Scarborough means you’re surrounded by concrete, but that is definitely not true at UTSC. The second hidden gem would be the Pan Am Centre. It is such a beautiful facility in which we have full access to while we are studying here. Being able to use a gym that world class athletes have competed in is extremely special.

What are some of your favourite Management courses that you have taken? My favourite course that I have taken to date would be "Price Theory". I am also taking "Management Ethics" right now and I am really enjoying it!

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