Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Outline of the BBA Program

U of T Scarborough offers the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree through the Specialist Program in Management and the Specialist Program in Economics for Management Studies.  The BBA degree reflects the reality of our changing world: increased globalization, and a shift in emphasis away from (though not excluding) the banking sector toward smaller, entrepreneurial businesses.  The degree is designed to give students a broad exposure to all the functional areas of Management as well as a solid grounding in Economics.

The study of Economics is oriented primarily to the needs of students interested in management studies.  Thus, many of the examples in class focus on the ways in which firms and consumers in market economies interact.  However, students interested in the wide variety of problems considered by economists will find those matters are also addressed in our courses.

The BBA Program encompasses interactive lectures and challenging academic assignments which enable students to learn and practice skills in leadership, negotiation, innovation, communication and teamwork - skills vital for today's business managers.   In addition, students who wish to pursue more in-depth study in a particular business niche have the option of completing a specialist program within one of the following areas: 

Management & Accounting
Management & Finance
Management & Human Resources
Management & Information Technology
Management & International Business
Management & Marketing
Strategic Management
Economics for Management Studies

Graduates from the BBA Program go on to find exciting positions in a wide range of industries, and their record in professional exams is excellent! For a list of common questions in regards to these Programs, please visit our FAQs page.

The Difference Between our BBA and a BCom

The BBA is the general business degree given by American universities, whereas the BCom degree originated in Britain and embodies a historically-based European focus. Traditionally, the BCom degree at the University of Toronto has been highly focused on Economics. The Scarborough campus introduced the BBA degree to be broadly focused on Management, and the degree requirements are designed to expose students to all functional areas of Management while also providing a solid grounding in Economics. This characteristic of the degree means that the BBA is, in effect, a junior Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

It is important not to overemphasize the differences between the two degrees. U of T Scarborough Management professors are all associated with the U of T Rotman School of Business, so course content in the business courses across the U of T is similar. The two main practical differences between our BBA and the BCom are:

1.  The large co-op program at Scarborough campus means that our courses and curriculum taken by our students (co-op and non co-op) are highly focused on the needs of today's employers.

2.  U of T Scarborough Economists are associated with the Rotman Business Economics group and the U of T Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, which means that our Economics courses tend to be less theoretical and more focused on business.