Application for Management Tutoring Assistance

As a tutee with the Department of Management, you must adhere to the following:

  1. Please show respect towards your peer tutor and act professionally at all times.
  2. Review the relevant material prior to each session and arrive at the session prepared with specific course-related questions.
  3. Be punctual and, if you are going to be late, please notify your peer tutor ahead of time.
  4. Inform your peer tutor at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting time should you be unable to attend. If you cannot contact your peer tutor, you must notify Betty Walters, Program Advisor as soon as you can. If you cancel then it is your responsibility to reschedule.
  5. Notify your peer tutor 5 days in advance should you no longer require the service.
  6. If you have any safety or harassment concerns in connection with this program, please report them to the Program Advisor immediately. Campus Police, Health & Wellness and Counselling services will be coordinated accordingly in a timely manner. All meetings must take place in a well-lit public area, and should not be scheduled off campus or beyond 8:00 p.m.
  7. Tutees must sign the log sheet at the conclusion or each tutoring session.

Management reserves the right to suspend or revoke your tutee privilege if you do not adhere to the above regulations. This agreement is valid for the entire time you spend as a tutee.

Please answer all of the following questions