Academic Updates

Please note the following course offerings and changes for the Summer 2020 term, pending enrollment:

  • Professor George Quan Fun will be on sabbatical in Fall 2020; consequently, we will not be running MGAC03H3 and MGAD50H3. To prevent students from missing out on these courses, we are offering an additional section of each in Summer 2020.
  • Since MGAD70H3 is a graduation requirement, we are bolstering our offerings to meet the demand and adding a section (for the first time) in Summer 2020. It will be structured as a double-speed “S” course.
  • For the first time, we are offering MGAD45H3 as a double-speed “S” course.
  • We are bringing MGTA35H3 back to the Summer term and running it as a double-speed “S” course.

For advice on the BBA program, always consult with your Program Advisor.

Last updated 1/14/20