Academic Support


Academic anxiety? Need help with declaring your specialist? Don't know which courses to choose? Interested in co-op?

Our dynamic advising team specializes in guiding students toward academic success.

We can assist with all curriculum concerns or needs, including: choosing the right courses, sorting out enrollment issues, checking to make sure you are on track to graduate, and connecting you to other resources on campus.

Please drop by during office hours.

Ask your Program Advisors about other initiatives to help you reach your academic goals, including: Peer Tutoring and Exam Prep Sessions.

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Academic Advising Team

Bobbi McFarlane
First Year Program Advisor

IC256 | (416) 208-4831

Appointment Hours: Week of November 4

TU: 2-4; WE: 9:30-11; TH: 9:30-11

Appointment Hours: Week of November 11

TU: 9:30-11; WE: 2-4 ; TH: 2-4

Please sign up for appointments at the Front Desk

Betty Walters

Betty Walters
Program Advisor (2nd yr and up)

IC254 |  (416) 208-4818  Email to set up an appointment

Office Hours: November 4-8

TU: 11-1, WE: 9:30-11:30, TH: 1-3

Office Hours: 




Professor Syed Ahmed

Professor Syed Ahmed
Academic Director, Management

IC262 |  (416) 287-7568

Office Hours: Fall Semester

TU: 9-11 & TH: 9-11

Professor Iris Au

Professor Iris Au
Academic Director, Economics

IC262 |  (416) 287-7568

Office Hours: Fall Semester

MO: 10-12


Professor Joanna Heathcote

Professor Joanna Heathcote
Academic Director, International Business 

IC390 |  (416) 208-4817

Office Hours: Fall Semester

MO: 3-4:30