What is the best way to predict a KOA?

September 4, 2021

Sivani’s study evaluating various methods for predicting the octanol-air partition ratio of organic compounds has just been published in Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry.

What are the sources of UV-stabilizing benzotriazoles to urban waters?

August 19, 2021

Tife’s paper on our search for the origin of elevated BT-UVs in Toronto’s Mimico Creek has just been published in Water Research X. The evidence suggests that their use in automotive applications could be to blame.

Using passive samplers to measure vertical GEM concentration gradients

July 14, 2021

The Journal of Geophysical Research Atmosphere just published a new paper describing three studies on the use of our passive air sampler to record small scale gradients in the concentration of gaseous elemental mercury above soil and through a forest canopy. This is a highly collaborative effort that began with undergraduate research by Shreya and Michelle, constituted the main part of Isabel’s MSc and involved our colleagues Ralf at ECCC and Antonio and Elisa from the University of Insubria.

Chen and Xianming start faculty positions

July 12, 2012

Earlier this months, Chen Wang and Xianming Zhang, two PhD graduates from the research group, took up new faculty positions at SUSTech in Shenzhen and Concordia University in Montreal, respectively. Congratulations! These are great achievements, and we look forward to following your future academic careers.

Paper introducing Knut’s Nested Exposure Model (NEM) published

July 12, 2021

Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts just published a paper introducing a new multimedia fate and transport model that allows for high spatial resolution with reasonable computational effort. NEM has been developed by Knut Breivik and Sabine Eckhardt from NILU.

Tife successfully defends PhD thesis

June 28, 2021

Congratulations! Earlier today, Tife passed the final oral examination of her PhD with the thesis “Sources, Phase Partitioning and Transport of Organic Contaminants in Contrasting Landscapes During Runoff Events”.

Alessandro wins Best Abstract Award at QSAR2021

June 9, 2021

At the 19th International Workshop on (Q)SAR in Environmental and Health Sciences, Alessandro was awarded the “2020 Student/Post-Doc Best Abstract”. Congratulations!

Measuring isotopic composition of GEM in the Arctic atmosphere

May 22, 2021

Wang Zheng used our passive air sampler to record the isotopic signature of gaseous elemental mercury in Arctic air in this paper just accepted in Applied Geochemistry.

AMT publishes final version of sampler comparison paper

May 22, 2021

The study on the comparative performance of three passive air samplers for gaseous mercury is now published in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. The MerPAS did very well.

Our paper on inhalation exposure to GEM made it on the cover

April 28, 2021

The cover of the April issue of Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts displays photographs taken in the Ghanaian artisan gold mining communities where we performed our passive air sampler based investigation of inhalation exposure to gaseous elemental mercury.