SCOPE: The Health Humanities Learning Lab’s Resource page is a curated list of organizations, publications, tools, and other awesome Health Humanities-related stuff. This page is for students, educators, and researchers of all kinds: anyone interested in expanding the scope of their thinking about arts, humanities, and health in Canada and beyond! These resources have a generally Canadian slant, but if you’ve got a link (from anywhere in the world) or would like to see your organization listed here, contact us.

SCOPE Resources

How to Launch a Health Humanities Program [PDF]. This document describes the learning objectives, curricular overview, and institutional rationale that launched UTSC’s pioneering Health Humanities Minor program in 2017 (as approved by UTSC Academic Affairs, February 28). Although every institution will have site-specific requirements, postsecondary educators and administrators will find this useful for building a persuasive case when initiating new Health Humanities courses and curricular initiatives.

Postgraduate and Career Pathways in Health Humanities [PDF]. If you’re an undergraduate looking for further training, or if you are interested in graduate degrees and diplomas in relevant fields, read this. This document primarily focuses on Health Humanities postgraduate education and training programs in Canada, with selected links to US and UK programs.

Starting a Health Humanities Academic Journal Club [PDF]. A brief overview of what a student-run academic journal club is, its objectives and expectations, and benefits to members. Co-written by Natasha Leghari and Noor Leghari, inaugural undergraduate co-chairs of UTSC’s Health Humanities Academic Journal Club (2016).


A selected list of peer-reviewed publications by SCOPE members and the broader Health Humanities research community.

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