Eliana Gonzales-Vigil

Principal Investigator

Joined: September 2018

Project title: Hasn’t decided yet

Hobbies: Baking, zumba, stopping cat fights at home



Mahbodeh Zamani-Babgohari

PhD student

Joined: September 2019

Project title: Investigating the role of terpenes in poplar

Jeff Chen

MSc student

Joined: September 2019

Project title: Identification and characterization of alkene biosynthetic enzymes in P. trichocarpa.

Amanda Yokingco

Undergraduate student

Was born pipetting.

Joined: May 2019

Project title: Characterization of tomato lines expressing a β-ketoacyl CoA synthase gene from poplar.

Hobbies: Reading, dragon boating, bouldering, eating vegetables, drinking tea and coffee, spending time with friends.

Christopher Kouyoumdjian

Undergraduate student

The answer to everything is Acetyl CoA.

Joined: July 2019

Project title: The role of the microbiome on plant-insect interactions.

Luxshi Sivakumar

Undergraduate student

Joined: August 2019

Project title: Establishing cell cultures and analyzing the chemical composition of Atropa belladonna, the deadly nightshade.

Megan Lall

Undergraduate student

Can’t kill a plant.

Joined: February 2019

Project title: Disentangling the chemical composition of poplar cuticles.

Sara Faour

Undergraduate student

Joined: February 2019

Hobbies: Shopping, hiking, talking about science when I’m not asked.

Sunny  Cui

High-school volunteer

Special appearance during the Summer of 2019

Hobbies: Learning new things and eating chocolate chip ice cream