Current Environmental Fluid Dynamics Group members


Dr. Bryan Flood 

PhD student,   Environmental Science-completed 2021
PhD Project – “Internal waves in Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe”. 

Video Abstract –






Bernard Yang – Research website

PhD project – Water circulation under lake Ice.

Movie of Lake Simcoe winter field work









Patricia Semcesen

PhD Student – Microplastics in the Great Lakes

 Co-supervised with Prof. Roberta Fulthorpe

Timelapse Movie of bioturbation in Tobermory








Yulong Kaui 

Research Assistant








Former Group members


Dr. Lakshika Girihagama

Former Post-doctoral fellow – “Water circulation in Georgian Bay”.

Now at National Research Council in Ottawa.

website =

Link to Animations of water circulation in Georgian Bay, Lake Huron




Dr Tej Heer 

Former PhD student

Now at Evidence for Democracy

PhD Project – “Turbulence influences transport rates of fish eggs in rivers.”

 Co-supervised with Prof Nick Mandrak 

Movie of fish egg dynamics in a river



Kevin Li

Research Assistant










Dr. Shahrzad Davarpanah Jazi
Former PhD student,   Environmental Science
PhD Project – “Dynamics of sediment laden gravity currents”.

Movie of Double-Diffusive convection

Movie of Coriolis influenced gravity currents. 







Aqsa Arif

Masters student – Water circulation near Toronto Islands







Elvira Koolen

Visiting Masters student from TU/Eindhoven in the Netherlands. 

Movies of experiments on convective sedimentation








Dr. Mijanur Chowdhury 
Former Post-Doctoral Fellow 

Now at Minnow Environmental 
Projects: – “Internal wave dynamics in Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario”
Personal website = 


Dr. Bogdan Hlevca
Former Post-doc and PhD student,   Environmental Sciences

Now at the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
PhD Project – “Exchange flows in shallow coastal wetlands”
Personal website =

Dr. Patricia Pernica
Former PhD Student, Physics Department
Now at Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. 
PhD thesis – Implications of Periodic Weak Thermal Stratification in the Epilimnion of Lake Opeongo


Dr. Remo Cossu 
Former Earth Sciences PhD student and Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Now Lecturer at School of Civil Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia
PhD thesis – The Influence of Coriolis Forces on Flow Structures of Channelized Large-scale Turbidity Currents and their Depositional Patterns 


Dr. Yajun Sun
Former PhD Student, Geography Department
Now at Fudan University, Shanghai, China 
PhD thesis – ‘Mixing Patterns of Discharged Ballast Water and the Implications for Biological Invasions in the Huron-Erie Corridor of the Great Lakes’ 


Dr. Melissa Coman
Former CGCS Post-Doctoral fellow
Project – “Internal wave dynamics of Lake Opeongo”


Lisa Sealock
Former Masters Student, UTSC Masters of Environmental Science
Masters Project – Residence timescales and the underlying hydrodynamic processes in Frenchman’s Bay, a Lake Ontario coastal embayment

Now at Environment and Climate Change Canada


Harry Zheng
Former Undergraduate Student UTSC


Parthiban Nadarajah
Former NSERC USRA Undergraduate Student UTSC
Project – The intrusion depth of density currents flowing into stratified water bodies.”


Peter Ng
Former Undergraduate Student UTSC
Project – “Circulation patterns in the fall and winter in Frenchman’s Bay”