Institute for Inclusive Health and Well-Being

The Institute for Inclusive Health and Well-Being is set to produce inclusive and integrative health research programs, focusing on the health challenges that arise from living in the Anthropocene. It will generate spaces for interdisciplinary dialogues about planetary health, what is needed for inclusive health and well-being, and research on health assessments and healthcare delivery for equity-deserving groups.


Potential research themes:

  • fundamental science explorations of ageing, elder care, and mental health
  • policy and program pathways to overcome health inequities
  • innovative solutions to complex health issues, including arts-based health approaches and approaches based on holistic conceptualizations of the role of work and employment in well-being
  • designing and evaluating inclusive methods for healthcare programming and policy
  • translating knowledge of the relationship between environment factors and wellbeing into practice and policy


Interim Director Charles Trick, Professor, Health & Society
Interim Director Charles Trick, Professor, Health & Society

Interim Director Charles Trick is an oceanographer and environmental public health professional, which gives him a unique perspective on the effects of climate change on human health. Newly appointed at UTSC as a Professor of Health and Society, he is currently engaged in a community-based participatory research program focused on the impact of climate change and globalization on the health of communities that used to make a living from the sea. Those resources are no longer available to them, and invasive species can have widespread effects on health. He is currently conducting research in three communities, in Guatemala, Indonesia, and the Cook Islands. He is an advocate of planetary health and competency-based education. Before arriving at UTSC, he was a Professor in Biology and the Interfaculty Program in Public Health at Western University.

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