Below you will see some of the work that students in the youth group did throughout the semester.  Each assignment was meant to build a picture of the barriers and opportunities immigrant youth may face in Kingston Galloway Orton Park and Scaroborough more geneally.  Students began by researching and writing up neighborhood profiles.  In additional to general information, their goal was to understand the types of services and resources availalbe for immigrant youth in the KGO community.  iStudents then went into the field and conducted participant observation in public areas in the communtiy.  The map below shows the Kingston Galloway area in Scarborough.  The pins illustrate where some of the student observations took place.  



Neighborhood Profile from Deanna Salib. Read it here.



Students were asked to go out into the field in the Kingston Galloway Orton Park area, conduct observations and take notes.

This sample comes from Deanna Salib.  Read her field notes here.



Students were asked to prepare a visual representation of the theme they worked on throughout the semester (work, health or youth).  This is a video prepared by the Youth group (Deanna Salib and Kimberley Moore), focusing on youth in the Kingston Galloway Orton Park Area.  


Deanna Salib and Kimberley Moore

SOCD21 - Winter 2014 - Youth