SOCD21 - Immigrant Scarborough

This course examines Scarborough as an immigrant gateway.  Students have the opportunity to link hands-on research to theoretical debates about migration, transnationalism and multicultural communities, paying particular emphasis to the themes of social change, social exclusion and social inequality.  

Each iteration of the course looks to expose students to how immigration policy, opinions and practice affect immigrant populations in Scarborough.  The Winter 2014 the course focused on the Kingston Galloway Orton Park area of Scarborough.  Students researched the types of services and access immigrant residents had in relation to healthcare services and wellbeing, access to work and employment services and the types of services and opportunities immigrant youth had in the community.  The Fall 2014 course partnered with the Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership (TEQ LIP) to conduct research on 5 underserved immigrant groups: LGBTQ migrants, Non Status migrants, Refugee Claimants, Francophone migrants and public transit users accessing settlement services.  In Winter 2015, we again partnered with the TEQ LIP, this time to examine the effects of Express Entry--the reorganization of Canada's skilled immigrant programme--on the Scarborough settlement services sector.  


Image credit, L'Amoreaux neighhorhoood in Scarborough, Talhamujahid at the English language Wikipedia