Non Status in Scarborough and Settlement Service Access


Gita Maharaj conducted interviews with settlement service providers in Scarborough to determine the level of access to settlement services Non Status migrants who live in Scarborough have in their vicinities.  

The specific research question she sought to answer was: What types of services are available for Non Status migrants Scarborough?

She found that access is minimal due to organizations' eligility criteria, funding limitations. limitations in the referral process and fear of detection.  She also found that organizations prioritize client confidentiality, alleviating some of the concerns that Non Status migrants might have of being detected by immigraiton authorities when accessing services.   Service providers commented that word of mouth was the main method migrants used to find out about settlement services.  

Students worked with Monica Valencia the Knowledge Exchange Officer for CERIS, the Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement to write 2-page research summaries that are plain language and easily accessible to a number of audiences.  

Read the Research Summary here.



Students had the opportunity to present their findings at the 17th annual National Metropolis Conference in Vancouver on March 27th 2015.  While they were unable to travel to Vancouver, they pre-recorded their presentations in collaboration with the Weboption unit at UTSC's Centre for Teaching and Learning.    

Below is Gita Maharaj's presentation.  



SOCD21 - Fall 2014 - Non status