Immigrant Scarborough Winter 2014: A Focus on Kingston Galloway Orton Park

This course focused on the intersection between immigration and three themes that students reserached throughout the semester: health, work and youth.  Because Scarborough is a large geographic area, students focused their research on the Kingston Galloway Orton Park (KGO) community.  This community is close to the University of Toronto, Scarborough and a partner in a number of community-university partnerships.  KGO encompasses part of the West Hill, Morningside, and Woburn City of Toronto Neighborhoods. It is bound by Scarborough Golf Club Road to the west, Manse Road to the East, Ellesmere to the north and railway tracks south of Kingston road to the south.  In the mid 2000s, it was identified as an underserved priority area.  In 2014 it was again identified as a "priority" thorugh the City of Toronto Neighborhood Improvement Areas.  

Students learned about Scarborough by visiting the Scarborough museum, the Scarborough Historical Socieity and the East Scarborough Storefront.  They wrote up neighborhood profiles, to understand the demographic, historical and social changes that have led to the development and current state of Scarborough and KGO vis-a-vis immigration and their specific themes.  They also went out and engaged in participant observations and wrote up a paper and creative project illustrating how health, work or youth intersect with im/migration in this particular neighbhorhood.