Fall 2014

Oral histories and Immigrant Belonging

In the Fall of 2014, this course was co-taught by Professors Connie Guberman and Paloma E. Villegas as part of a collaboration between Women and Gender Studies, History, and the Department of Sociology.  The collaboration was part of a larger project focusing on Oral History and Nearby Studies at UTSC.  

The course examined the theme of immigrant belonging through the method of oral history interviewing.  During the course, students engaged with scholarly research on immigration and belonging as well as conduct qualitative research in the form of oral history interviews.  Students worked in interdisciplinary research teams with peers from all three programs to conduct, analyze and present interviews in a digital format.  

We would like to thank the following partners for collaborating with the course: 

University of Toronto Scarborough Digital Scholarship Unit and Library 

The Multicultural History Society of Ontario

The Scarborough Museum