Digital Stories - Transnational Constructions of Home

The Pursuit of Happiness by Imani South, Danielle Brody and Ivana Dimovska

In "The Pursuit of Happiness" South, Brody and Dimovska were interested in exploring how immigrants negotiate being separated from their families through the process of migration.  They found that although the separation is difficult, immigrants engage in transnational practices, particularly through digital technologies and social media to stay in touch with their family members, thereby bridging the spatial gap.  Due to participant confidentiality, their video is not publicly available, but you can see a screenshot of their analysis below.  

Ivana, Danielle and Imani working on their digital project in the UTSC computer lab. 


Tales of Migration by Anosha Khan, Godfrey Mangwiza and Mushtaba Jalali

In "Tales of Migration" Khan, Mangwiza and Jalali focus on young immigrants and explore their differing definitions of home and how they are influenced by migration, mobility and transnational family relationships.  Due to participant confidentiality, their video is not publicly available.  However, the video concludes in the following manner: 

"...participants have embraced migration and have successfully integrated into Canadian culture.  However, theyir old homes and family are not forgotten as they still remember their roots"

"Although they may be living in Scarborough, they still identify strongly with their country of origin.  Our participants express both a positive attitude towards Canada and have a strong connection to home.  This shows that new immigrants do not have to discard their original culture to adapt to the host country's culture; they are capable of loving their new country while containing strong connections towards home" 

Godfrey Mangwiza and Mushtaba Jalali working on their digital project.