UTSC Email Setup - Android

  • Open the Email* app on your device. If you haven’t previously configured another email account, proceed to next step. If you have already configured another email account, go to Settings and and select Add Account. *Screenshots were taken from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0. The name of the app and exact steps may differ on other devices.
  • Type in your UTSC email address and password. Select Manual setup.
  • Select IMAP from the list of account types. IMPORTANT: If you select POP3 all incoming messages will be downloaded to the device without leaving a copy on the server. Do not select this option.
  • Enter the incoming server settings:
    1. Your UTSCid
    2. Your UTSCid password
    3. mailhost.utsc.utoronto.ca
    4. 993
    5. SSL/TLS
    Select Next to continue.
  • Enter the outgoing server settings:
    1. smtp.utoronto.ca
    2. 587
    4. Make sure Require sign-in is checked
    5. Your UTORid
    6. Your UTORid password
    Select Next to continue.
  • Review and modify (optional) your account settings. If you use your UTSC email address as your main account, make sure Send email from this account by default is checked. Otherwise, leave that option unchecked. Select Next to continue.
  • Change the name of your account or leave as default. Select Next to complete the configuration. Email should begin to sync to your device, although this process may take several minutes.

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