Toronto Ultd 50 Device - COT50PD

This plan includes 10GB of data per month and allows sharing of data with other people in your department on the same plan.
This cost of this plan is $50/month.


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  • Voice : Unlimited Local Talking (Non-Share)
  • Canada LD Rate $0.02/min
  • U.S. LD Rate $0.15/min
  • Data: 10GB shared data
  • Tethering data rate: $0.02/MB
  • Standard Data Roaming: $0.50/MB
  • Tethering Roaming: $0.50/MB

Call Waiting, Conference Calling, Message Centre Call Display, Detailed account activity, Canadian LD $0.02/min, Can-U.S LD $0.15/minute, Bell Wireless National Calling, Travel text $0.75, Travel Europe – Calling $2/min, Travel Asia/Aust/S.A - $3/min, Travel Africa – Calling $4/min, Travel Europe – Data $10/MB, Travel Asia/Aust/SA/Afr-$15/MB

This service includes: Included Minutes Unlimited Local
  Included Data 10GB
Additional Rates Additional Voice


Schedule: Additional Data $0.02/MB
  Long Distance in Canada (Can-Can) $0.02/minute
  Long Distance in Canada (Can-US) $0.15/minute