Toronto Ultd 33 Device - COT33PD

This is the plan recommended by IITS.  It includes 5GB of data per month and allows sharing of data with other people in your department on the same plan.
This cost of this plan is $33/month.

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  • Voice : Unlimited Local Talking (Non-Share)
  • Canada LD Rate $0.02/min
  • U.S. LD Rate $0.15/min
  • Data: 5GB shared data
  • Tethering data rate: $20.48/GB or $0.02/MB
  • Standard Data Roaming: $512/GB or $0.50/MB
  • Tethering Roaming: $512GB or $0.50/MB

Call Waiting, Conference Calling, Message Centre Call Display, Detailed account activity, Canadian LD $0.02/min, Can-U.S LD $0.15/minute, Bell Wireless National Calling, Travel text $0.75, Travel Europe – Calling $2/min, Travel Asia/Aust/S.A - $3/min, Travel Africa – Calling $4/min, Travel Europe – Data $10,240/GB or $10/MB, Travel Asia/Aust/SA/Afr-$15,360/GB or $15/MB

This service includes: Included Minutes Unlimited Local
  Included Data 5GB
Additional Rates Additional Voice $.00/minute
Schedule Additional Data $20.48/GB or $0.02/MB
  Long Distance in Canada (Can-Can) $0.02/minute
  Long Distance in Canada (Can-US)