Telephone Line Request Form

Contact Information
To obtain your fictitious billing #, refer to your Bell bill. If you require a new fictitious billing #, indicate the Department name and the telephone to be associated with the new fictitious billing #. Your FIS account #s will be required for the monthly billing charges.
Service Required
Telephone Jack
Please ensure that a telephone jack is currently in place prior to placing a new telephone to avoid any service charge.
New Telephone Set(s) Purchase

To ensure our records reflect the current telephone set and the programming of this new line on this set, please indicate the phone set you will be using if you are not purchasing a new set for this line. The following phones are available for purchase from our office:

M9116 - single-line analog phone set with call display ($71.00)
M5208 - multi-line digital phone set ($302.00)
M5316 - multi-line digital phone set ($458.00)
* Please note that costs are subject to change, contact Facilities at x7579.

Analog Phone: (Single Line Set)

Includes: Message waiting indicator and call display.

Digital Phones: (Multi Line Sets)

Includes: Message waiting indicator and call display.
Includes: Message waiting indicator, call display, and handsfree speakerphone.
Voicemail Feature(s)
For voicemail costs, please refer to Voicemail under section b) Telephone Charges. A voicemail password will be sent to you separately from the telephone confirmation which will be e-mailed to you 1-2 weeks following the installation date.
Other Options
Message Indicator Light; Long Distance Access; Transfer calls to permanent phone # (this replaces forwarding messages to the Octel system which is retrieved by calling 7696); Appearance of secondary line on specific key on digitial phone set; Listing of number in directory.