Student Software

IITS maintains over 600 Apple and PC workstations distributed across several computing spaces on the North and South UTSC Campus. We also support specialized software and multimedia capabilities for use in connection with you courses.  All inquiries regarding these labs should be sent to the Student HelpDesk.

Software Name Operating System Lab Location Accessiblesort ascending
Java OceanAtlas Windows All No
Bloomberg Windows IC306 No
Glade Interface Designer Linux BV473, IC402, IC406 No
NSIS WeftQDA Windows All No
LAME Windows All No
Rotman Interactive Trader Windows IC306 No
Matlab Linux BV473, IC402, IC406 No
Zotero Standalone Windows All No
Lingo Windows All No
Taxprep (Personal & Corporate) 2012 Windows IC306 No
MonoDevelop Linux BV473, IC402, IC406 No
PsychoPy2 1.8 Windows BV469 No
Manifold System Windows All No
SimBio Virtual Labs 2.2.0 Windows AC286a, BV466 No
Netbeans IDE Linux BV473, IC402, IC406 No
Visual Minteq Windows All No
Matlab Windows All No
NVivo 6 Windows AC260 No
Okular Linux BV473, IC402, IC406 No
Android Studio Windows All No
MEGA Windows All No
Adobe Creative Cloud Suite 2017 Mac BV494 No
Padre Linux BV473, IC402, IC406 No