Software for your Computer

Install new software on your computer

  1. Admin access is required to install any software on your computer
  2. Download and install TeamViewer if you don't have it
  3. Contact helpdesk with your TeamViewer ID number

Purchasing software for your computer

  1. Client's department will have to purchase the software from one of the following sources:

Microsoft campus agreement

University owned equipment

Staff and Faculty are eligible to upgrade both Microsoft Office and the Windows Operating System (OS) for any PC (desktop or laptop) ordered for University use.

Personal equipment

For personal computers, one(1) copy of Microsoft Office Professional license is $13.
Microsoft Campus Agreement details are available at

Access to this website is only available when connected to any UofT wired or wireless network.


Microsoft IT Academy

The Microsoft IT Academy Program is a complete IT education toolkit designed for academic institutions. It enables faculty and staff to become proficient in using Microsoft business applications and to become certified in Microsoft technologies through Official Courseware (printed) and virtual online training.

Staff and Faculty can login to using their UTORid credentials and access training material and resources as well as sign up for Lesson Plans for Virtual Training.

IITS tools

Teamviewer Remote Desktop

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Cisco Jabber Client

Video conference configuration instructions: PC , Mac

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Alertus Desktop Notification

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