IITS Drop-In Sessions

The Information & Instructional Technology Services (IITS) department at UTSC recently kicked off the IITS drop-in sessions. In a continued effort to support a culture of learning, these events are designed to create awareness among staff, faculty, and students, and promote the services offered by IITS.

The drop-in sessions have proven to be very beneficial for everyone involved. They offer a great opportunity for the UTSC community to learn more about the current services provided by IITS as well as some of the newer solutions that are being introduced.

The first session’s topic was “Video Collaboration”. A brief presentation followed by interactive demonstrations allowed participants to learn more about some of the key features and use cases of different solutions such as Skype for Business, Teams, Zoom, and Livestream. Participants benefitted from hands-on experience using the video collaboration tools.

The IITS team also gathered valuable feedback. It’s important for IITS to understand what the community needs in terms of IT support as technology changes and new solutions emerge. This knowledge allows IITS to improve its services moving forward and helps identify key topics for future drop-in sessions.

The next drop-in event, scheduled for Friday, November 1, will feature in-depth tutorials of Microsoft Teams and demonstrate some of its more advanced features. 

For more information about the Information & Instructional Technology Services department’s services, projects, and drop-in sessions, please contact the service desk: helpdesk@utsc.utoronto.ca

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