External Email Banner for Faculty, Staff and Students

Due to the rise in email spoofing and phishing attacks, the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) will be adding a banner to all external emails. The banner will help faculty and staff quickly identify whether a message is from outside the institution or a U of T sender.  

How did UTSC prepare for this roll-out?  

To prepare for the External Email Banner roll-out, we have done the following:  

  • IITS staff piloted the external email banner six (6) months before release to rule out any potential issues.   
  • IITS has reached out to key stakeholders to ensure they have taken steps to be exempt from the External Email Banner where appropriate.   
  • IITS has charged a point person in the PMO for this roll-out to provide a single contact for all support needs.  


UTSC Roll-out Timeline

Faculty, Staff, and Students at UTSC will start seeing the external email banner as of September 30, 2020. UTSC IITS will liaison with the St. George (Downtown) Campus on any issues at UTSC.  

Why is this important? 

External email banner label helps our community have an easier way to identify a potential phishing attempt or a malicious email. It is a standard industry practice and an additional tool to help our community remain vigilant about information security at the University.    

How does it work?   

Example of what an External Email Banner looks like - a blue banner on top of the email message with text "External Email Banner"

An external email banner (pictured in this artcile) will be added to the beginning of email originating from outside of U of T’s email service. This may include newsletters and notifications.  

Support: If you have any concerns about this roll-out, please reach out to the IITS Help Desk at helpdesk@utsc.utoronto.ca  

Additional Information:   

Protect YourselfPhishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and anyone can fall victim to one. However, the following resources outline steps you can take to protect yourself:   


Thank you to UTM IITS for collaborating with UTSC IITS on this communication.  


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