Teaching Awards

In 2019, ICHS faculty member and originator of the health humanities minor, Andrea Charise, pictured below left with students, was nominated by her peers and received the 2019 UTSC Principal's Award for Teaching and was recognized in a spring awards ceremony celebrating UTSC acomplisments. 

ICHS faculty member Laura Bisaillon, received the 2018-2019 Scarborough Campus Students' Union Best Staff and Faculty Award! And congratulations to the health studies students who nominated her! Below, Dr. Bisaillon is pictured with ICHS student during the award presentation in April.

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Professor Charise is stading with 7 students at a zine making workshop with materials on a table in front of them. Dr. Bisaillon, a tall white woman, receives an award from two women of color, while standing on a stage wtih balloons and a festive backdrop