Faculty and Instructors


Feminist Praxis HIV/AIDS Horn of Africa Institutional Ethnography Migration
Hilary Brown
Maternal Health Reproductive Epidemiology Child Health​ Chronic Medical Conditions Disability
Health Humanities Age Studies Geriatrics Arts-based Research Health Professional Education
Innovation systems Implementation Science Global Health Science & Technology Policy Sub-Sahara Africa
Chronic disease prevention Health systems Epidemiology Population health Research methodologies
Sexual health education Gender, race, and sexual health Emotion and affect Ethnography Feminist, intersectional, and queer research
An image of Dr. Hartblay, with short hair and light skin, wearing a grey blazer and maroon shirt, and standing in front of a shelf of red hardcover books.
Critical Disability Studies Health Humanities Ethnography Critical social theory Medical Anthropology
Maureen Murney
Stigma and discrimination Gender, reprodction and identity Nationalism and socio-cultural transformation Utilization of health care and knowledge
Suzanne Sicchia
Global Health Critical Pedagogies Health Equity Social Theory and Health Women, Gender, and Health
Michelle Silver
Gerontology Life course Aging Work Identity Retirement
Environment and Health Northern Environmental Issues Indigenous Environmental Issues Environmental Policy Environmental Change