Faculty Accolades

Prof. Laura Bisallion, along with collaborators, has received a research grant from the Canadian Bar Association to study the barriers faced by prospective immigrants who have been ruled medically inadmissible, with a goal of reforming immigration law surrounding medical inadmissibility.

Prof. Hilary Brown's new research shows that new mothers with chronic pain may be at increased risk for mental health issues, due to social impacts of biological conditions. Read about the research here, in UTSC news.

Farewell to Prof. Holly Wardlow, who has served a stellar term as Interim Director of the ICHS, and welcome to Prof. Jessica Fields, who assumed her new role as Director of ICHS in July 2019! Prof. Fields is one of the creators of The Beyond Bullying Project. A sociologist, Prof Fields comes to UTSC from SFSU in California. Prof. Wardlow returns to her long term position at the Department of Anthropology at the St George campus.

Congratulations to Prof. Andrea Charise, who received the 2019 UTSC Principal's Award for Teaching in the Assistant Professor category! (Summer 2019)

In June, Prof. Michelle Silver was an invited speaker at the American Medical Association’s annual meeting for a well attended session on physician retirement. (Summer 2019)

Prof. Cassandra Hartblay published an article, "After Marginalization: Pixelization, Disability, and Social Difference in Digital Russia" in the academic journal South Atlantic Quarterly. (Summer 2019)

Prof. Ghazal Fazli published an article on the ethnic differences in pre-diabetes prevalence in the academic journal BMC Medicine. (Summer 2019)

Congratulations to Prof. Laura Bisaillon, who received the 2018-2019 Scarborough Campus Students' Union Best Staff and Faculty Award! And congratulations to the health studies students who nominated her! Below, pictured with ICHS student during the award presentation in April. (Summer 2019)

Dr. Bisaillon, a tall white woman, receives an award from two women of color, while standing on a stage wtih balloons and a festive backdrop

Prof. Michelle Pannor Silver interviewed on Forbes about her new book book, Retirements and its Discontents: Why We Won't Stop Working, Even if We Can (Fall 2018)

Prof. Brown gives talk at TEDx UTSC: Forgotten: Reproductive health in women with disabilities

Read Prof. Ezezika's article on global nutrition on The Conversation.com (July 2018)

Prof. Michelle Pannor Silver's new book, Retirement and Its Discontents: Why We Won't Stop Working, Even if We Can, is published this month with Columbia University Press. Congratulations! (July 2018)

Congratulations to Prof. Ezezika on the publication of his new co-authored textbook, An Introduction to Global Health (3rd ed.)!

Prof. Bisaillon's research featured in the news! "Modernizing Canada’s Immigration Act for applicants with disease and disability" (April 2018)

Check out Prof. Laura Bisaillon's research on health status, morality, and HIV in Canada's immigration system just featured in The Conversation (February 2018)

Prof. Brown receives a CIHR New Investigator Grant to study the health and health care use of infants born to women with disabilities! Read all about it here. (January 2018)

Prof. Michelle Silver’s research on physician retirement published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (December 2017)

"Hi-tech humanities approach to understanding aging earns recognition for UTSC professor": Prof. Charise is the recipient of the first Jackman Humanities Institute-University of Toronto Scarborough Digital Humanities Fellowship (Fall 2017)

Prof. Obidi Ezezika chosen as Next Einstein Forum Ambassador (December 2017). Read up on this global health initiative here.

Congratulations to Prof. Andrea Charise who was just featured in UofT news for pioneering the development of Canada's first undergraduate program in health humanities, which looks at the impact of the humanities and critical social sciences on health (September 2017)

Congratulations to Prof. Hilary Brown, who just received a CIHR grant to study the connections between medical conditions during pregnancy and mental health (June 2017)

Forgotten: Reproductive health in women with disabilities | Hilary Brown | TEDxUTSC