Safer Party Tips from Party In The Right Spirit

PITRS Peer Educator

As exams come to an end, the parties start!  Here are some tips from Party In The Right Spirit to party safer.

    •    Plan how you will get home: Have a designated driver, public transit, hired driver, you got the idea...

    •    Pace yourself: Eat before and while you drink to help slow the absorption of alcohol.

    •    Be Aware about drinking games: You consume alcohol too fast to realize how intoxicated it is making you.  You can pass and say, "I'm just not into it". 

    •    Know your limit:  1 drink = 5 oz. glass of wine, 12 oz. beer, 1.5 liquor. Mixed drinks may be more than one serving!

    •    Use the buddy system: Stick together and make sure you look out for each other.

    •    Its okay not to drink alcohol: Mocktails, carbonated drinks taste great! You chose what's right for you.