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Sheila John
Sheila John
Assistant Dean, Wellness, Recreation & Sport

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Shari Russell Opara
Shari Russell Opara (she/her)
Director, Health & Wellness

"I am a Black woman, a mother and partner, and proud UTSC Alum.  I studied psychology and health studies, and completed my post-grad in leadership in higher education at OISE. I’ve enjoyed working in health care and have a deep interest in building supportive communities, mental health, and how expressive arts supports our wellbeing.  I am so proud of the Health & Wellness team, a community of some of the most compassionate, inclusive, and supportive people around.  I love listening to music (90s dancehall, hip hop, even a little R&B), dancing, and expressing gratitude.  I love UTSC, my family including my partner, twin daughters, and dog Kiwi, mental health advocacy, art, and being in the ocean (preferably off the shores of my ancestors' most recent birthplace, Jamaica). I’m a water baby at heart."  

Alina Kovalchuk
Alina Kovalchuk (she/her)
Administrative & Financial Assistant

"I was born and raised in Ukraine. I completed a post-grad program at Centennial College in Human Resources Management. I care about people and value an environment where people care as well, for example, care about each other's wellbeing, professional and personal development, and our team's success. The highest praise for me is contributing to someone's success (personal or professional). My area of expertise is administration. I have a couple o to healthy habits, but probably working out (or moving your body) is my top choice. My favourite quote is "Life's path is about empathy. Compassion. Helping. Genuine joy. Feeling everything—blocking nothing. Living with a sense of celebration. Finding a way to do what we love, make money doing so, and being of benefit. It's simple. It's hard." - Waylon Lewis"

Alexis Petric (she/her)
Assistant Director, Health & Wellness

"I’m a second generation Canadian woman of South Asian and European descent. I have deep roots in the city of Scarborough and am proud to continue to raise my family here. I chose to study Kinesiology and to complete my Masters in Physiotherapy because I am passionate about health education, health equity and health promotion. I’ve been fortunate to work with students throughout my career and feel privileged to continue to learn and to grow as I’ve worked to support an inclusive student experience. I’m a self - proclaimed “people person” and love to meet new people and to support, where I can, in their personal and professional goals. Sports and recreation activities have played a huge part in my life and have been a great joy of mine over the years. I also love to listen to music (of all kinds) and am always interested in taking part in new experiences to broaden my horizons (particularly when it comes to food!). I’m committed to providing student - focused health promotion services in a manner that is compassionate, inclusive and culturally responsive and I’m thrilled to work at UTSC."